Start A Garden │ Feed Your Neighbors

Join PSN’s 2021 Food Donation Pilot Program and Strengthen Peekskill’s Food Security PSN is looking to support long-time backyard gardeners and help new ones get started by providing free, organic seeds and connecting participants with local nutritional assistance programs in the city. Here’s how it works: Complete this form (o este en español); tell usContinue reading “Start A Garden │ Feed Your Neighbors”

Founding Statement – Why a Peekskill Sustainability Network?

Hi! Thanks for being here. If you’re reading this, you’re either a) a Peekskill resident, b) a community activist, c) an environmentalist and/or nature enthusiast and/or gardener, or d) all of the above – and that’s great, because that’s who this platform is designed for. (If you’re only one or even none of these things,Continue reading “Founding Statement – Why a Peekskill Sustainability Network?”