Pop-Up Nurseries

Inspired by Lobelia Commons’ Decentralized Nursery in the great city of New Orleans, we’re encouraging Peekskill gardeners with seedlings to spare to create their own pop-up micro-nurseries throughout the city. It’s simple!

  1. When planning your garden, plant extra starters or buy a few extra seedlings from the nursery.
  2. Get a small display set up (a table, shelving system, ladder, etc.) somewhere accessible on your property – or a public space you’ve gotten permission from.
  3. Place a sign near the nursery that says ‘FREE’ – you can use this template or make your own.
  4. Let people know! Share the location, hours, and types of plants available on social media. Or, shoot us an email and we’ll add your pop-up nursery to our map.

Plan your nursery to be open in mid- to late May, when the gardening season really gets going and people are looking for plants. Keep them watered in a nice sunny spot and watch as they get snatched up!

Peekskill Micro-Nurseries, Spring 2021

Know of a nursery that’s not on this map? Email us at info [at] sustainablepeekskill [dot] net with the location, seedlings available, date(s) and time(s) open, and we’ll add it! Or, fill out this short form.

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