Food Donations

A truly food secure community is one where home gardeners not only grow a portion of their own food, but are able to share their harvest with less fortunate neighbors – those facing financial difficulties or simply lacking access to growing space.

Granted, as urban and suburban food growers, we are working with limited space. It takes about 2 acres of land to feed a family of four on strictly home-grown vegetables, not to mention the serious time investment required to maintain such a large garden. Many of us in Peekskill are working on far smaller plots and with much less time to spare – how can we expect to feed ourselves, let alone our neighbors?

The answer lies in coordinating and scaling up. A soup kitchen might have no use for my three spare beets – but what about my beets, my neighbor’s bumper crop of string beans, your carrots, and your neighbor’s zucchini? What if each of us planted a spare row or raised bed specifically to be donated? Then what if every gardener in Peekskill did this, and made coordinated donations where they were needed most?

One of the PSN’s goals is to foster such a network of growers and gardeners, and channel our collective energy and goodwill towards organizations feeding our community’s hungry. If you’re interested in participating, or would like to sign your organization up for future donations, email with the subject line “Food Donations”, introduce yourself in the Forum, or register for our 2021 Pilot Program using the forms below:  

2021 Food Donation Pilot Program – Registration is now CLOSED!

A big thank you to everyone who’s signed up for this first season of the Start A Garden / Feed Your Neighbors project! Registration is now closed and we are no longer able to provide seeds – HOWEVER, if you have your own seeds / plants and would still like to contribute to our donations program, reach out to us at and let us know!

Registration for the 2022 season will start in Autumn 2021 – check back here then!

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