Above: The Peekskill riverfront, the Flatiron building and, in the center, the 1844 painting View of Peekskill by Régis-François Gignoux. These images represent the city’s natural resources; its urban character; and its historical connection to the land.

The Peekskill Sustainability Network (PSN) is a platform for bringing ecologically-minded, climate-concerned residents of the City of Peekskill together to share ideas, implement projects, and plan for an uncertain future. Inspired by grassroots community groups like Peekskill Walks and initiatives like the Peekskill Community Congress, our goal is to encourage discussion, support our neighbors, and collaborate for real sustainability and resilience in our City.

The focal point of the PSN is the Forum – this is where members begin discussions, share ideas, organize mutual aid efforts, and propose projects. Urban gardeners, backyard composters, community organizers, food foragers and environmental planners – all are encouraged to join! Read our Community Guidelines, then click here to register (or, if you already have a WordPress account, log in on the bottom left).

In future, non-COVID times, members may meet in person to dive deeper into specific projects; for now, the Forum will serve as an incubator for ideas and a way of jumpstarting discussions.

Committed to sustainability in a broad sense, the PSN’s principal focus areas, for now, are Food Security, Climate Adaptation, and Community Resilience. We look to initiate and support projects that feed our neighbors (and ourselves), enhance and protect the City’s biodiversity and soil health, encourage cooperation and mutual aid amongst residents, and prepare Peekskill for a changing climate.

About the Moderator

Chris Barrett has been a resident of Peekskill since April 2018 and a member of the City’s Conservation Advisory Council since December 2018. He has worked as a Resiliency Coordinator for a long-term recovery group on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, as well as a research associate for the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities. He currently works in a development role for a community-based housing & homelessness organization in New York City. His personal website is here.

Chris initiated the Peekskill Sustainability Network in 2021 as a supportive platform to connect with other Peekskill residents concerned about climate change. He is interested in urban farming, climate mitigation and adaptation, bioregionalism, cooperative economies, and simple living in balance with nature.

Background Images: “Peekskill NY” by cgc76 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0“Peekskill Flatiron” by joseph a is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0“View Of Peekskill By Régis-François Gignoux” is taken from Wikimedia Commons.

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